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The Last Ten Nights

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the Name of Allah
(swt), the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

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As salaamu alaykum my brothers and sisters in Islam all over the world,

Tonight is the first of the Last Ten Nights of Ramadaan. These blessed nights are known to be the highest in rank. Amongst them is Laylatal Qadr, the most sacred night of all, on which the Glorious Qur’an was sent down to earth. These nights mark the passing of one more year since the birth of our beautiful religion.

The Last Ten are known to be the most rewarding nights of the year. The companions of Muhammad (saws) speak of the importance he attached to worship in these nights and how he strived to make the most out of this special time.

Muhammad (saws) used to show more attentiveness and dedication to worship in the Last Ten Nights of Ramadaan than in any other time [Muslim]. A’isha (r) narrated that he used to reside in the mosque [in I’tikaf] and seek Laylatul Qadr [Bukhari and Muslim]. She said “When the Ten begin he would stay up most of the night, wake us up to pray as well, and strive harder in worship” [Bukhari and Muslim].

Think of these nights as the part of Ramadan that deserves most of your effort. Be sure to walk the extra mile in these nights and encourage others to do the same. Read greater portions of the Qur’an, pray always in congregation, don’t miss Al-Taraweeh prayers, and stay up as late as you can.

The Last Ten always stood out for me because of their tranquility. They come along every year bringing blessed gatherings, smiles, quiet voices, and walks and talks at night without a care or a worry in the world.

Feel the love of Allah in these nights and cherish them with remembrance and good deeds.

  • Muhammad al-Shareef – Some advice for the last 10 nights:

    The last ten nights of Ramadan are upon us. And soon after this you the journey for Hajj will begin for Muslims around the world. If you make the same dua, each day, for the last ten nights of Ramadaan, it’s guaranteed that you would have made that dua during Laylatul-Qadr. (A night worth 1000 months of reward in the sight of Allah (swt)). So, prepare your dua from now!

    Step 1 : Ask yourself, “If Allah said to me, I’ll give you anything you wish, just ask!” What would you ask for? Make a list. (Try to fill 2 pages worth of dua, from the goodness of this life and the next.

    Step 2 : Pick about 6 of those things

    Step 3 : Make dua for those 6 things consistently every night for the last ten nights of Ramadan. Of course, make as much dua as you want, but make sure these 6 things are consistent.

Was-salaamu alaykum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatu

Team UMW.


Written by al Muddaththir

June 12, 2008 at 12:20 pm

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