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Innovations of Hajj, Umrah and Visiting Medina

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the Name of Allah (swt), the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

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And I decided to add an appendix, setting forth the innovations regarding Hajj and visiting Madinat-ul-Munawwara, and Bait-ul-Maqdis (Jerusalem) (118) as many people do not know these things and so fall into them – so I wished to advise them by explaining and warning them against these things – as Allaah the Blessed and Exalted does not accept any action unless it fulfils two conditions:

Firstly: That it done sincerely for the Face of Allaah, the Honored, the Exalted.

Secondly: That it is correct – and it is not correct until it is in accordance with the Sunnah, not at variance with it – and as the people of knowledge have agreed – everything claimed by the people to be part of worship which Rasoolullah did not prescribe by his saying, nor drew nearer to Allaah by performing it – then that is at variance with his Sunnah as his Sunnah is of two kinds:

(a) Sunnah of action (Sunnah Fi’liyyah – actions which he did) and
(b) Sunnah of neglect (Sunnah Tarkiyyah) – acts which he did not do)

As for those things pertain to worship, the Prophet did not do – then it is from the Sunnah to leave them – for example: calling Adhaan for the ‘Eid prayers and for burying the dead, even though it is a means of making mentioning of Allaah and glorifying Him, it is not permissible do it as a means of drawing nearer to Allah, the Exalted, the Glorious – and that is only because it is something which Rasoolullah refrained from doing – and this point was understood by his companions – so they often warred against innovation in general – as is mentioned in its proper place – and Hudhaufah ibn al Yamaan said: “Every worship that has not been done by the companions of Rasoolullah, then do not do it.” And Ibn Mas’ood said: “Follow (the Sunnah) and do not innovate, and that is enough for you – stick to the old way.”

So how fortunate is the one to whom Allaah gives the good fortune of making his worship sincerely for Him and following of the Sunnah of His Prophet in it – not mixing it with innovation – for such a one then let him have good tidings of Allaah’s acceptance of his obedience – and his admission to His Paradise. May Allah make us those who bear the word and follow the best of it.

And you should know that these innovations are traceable to the following factors:

(i) Weak (da’eef) Ahaadith – which are not permitted to be used as evidence, nor is it, according to your saying, permissible to act on them – as I have explained in the introduction of ‘Sifat-Salaat un-Nabee’ (The Prophet’s Manner of Prayer) – and this is the position of a group of the people of knowledge – from them Ibn Taimiyya.

(ii) Fabricated (maudoo’) Ahaadith – or narrations which have no basis – some scholars remaining unaware of their true nature – and therefore basing religious verdicts upon them – their being the core of innovation and novelties!

(iii) The decisions of some scholars or their regarding certain things to be commendable – especially the later scholars – not basing these on any proofs (from the Qur’an or Sunnah), rather treating them as indisputable matters – until they become Sunnahs adhered to and followed. And it will not remain hidden from one who has insight into his religion – that it is not correct to follow such things -as nothing is part of the Sharee’ah except what Allaah has prescribed – and it is enough for the one who makes something desirable – if he is mujtahid – that it is permissible for him to act according to what he sees as desirable – and that Allaah will not punish him for that – But as for other people taking that as something prescribed and as Sunnah – then not definitely not! And how can that be when some of these things conflict with the Sunnah – as will be noted later of Allaah wills?

(iv) Customs and superstitions which have no evidence from the Sharee’ah, and are not even supported by the intellect – even if some ignorant people act upon them and take them to be part of the sharee’ah – sometimes finding support from others – sometimes from some people claiming to be from the people of knowledge – and actually having their appearance.

Then you should know that the danger of these innovations is not of one level – rather they are of different degrees. Some of them being clear shirk and kufr – as you will see, and some of them are less than that – however, you must be aware that the slightest innovation that someone brings into the religion is haraam (forbidden) after it is exposed as an innovation – as there is no innovation that is only makrooh (disapproved), as some people think – and how can that be when Rasoolullah said: “Every innovation is a going astray. And every going astray is in the Fire”. That is the one who does it.

And Imaam ash-Shaatibee has fully explained this point in his important book ‘Al I’tisaam’ – and because of this the innovation is something very dangerous – and most people remain heedless of this, except for a small group of the people of knowledge and enough as a proof of the seriousness of innovation is the saying of the Prophet : “Verily Allah has refused to admit the repentance of anyone committing an innovation, until he gives up the innovation”. Narrated by Tabraanee and ad-Diyaa-ul-Maqdisee in ‘al Ahaadith ul-Mukhtaarah’ and others – with saheeh isnaad – and was declared by al-Mundharee to be hasan.(119)

And I complete this with word of advice which I convey to the readers from a great Imaam from the first scholars of the Muslims – Shaikh Hasan ibn ‘Ali al Barbahaaree – one of the companions of Imaam Ahmad – and died in the year 329 H, he – may Allaah be please with him – said: “And beware of the smallest of the newly-invented matters, as the small innovations due to repetition become large innovations, and in that way every innovation introduced in this Ummah began as a small innovation – resembling something correct and thus is the one who falls into it enticed – then he is not able to leave it – some of it grows and becomes part of the religion, practiced as such. So examine – may Allaah have mercy upon you – everything that people of your time say and do not made haste (in accepting it) until you ask and find out: Did any of the companions of the Prophet or any of the people of knowledge speak about it? So if you find a narration from the, then accept it and do not leave it for anything – and do not prefer anything- and do not prefer anything over it and thus fall into the Fire. And you should know – may Allaah have mercy upon you – that a worshipper’s Islaam is not complete until he is follower (of proof), consenting and submitting (to the Truth). So whoever claims that anything remains of Islaam which the companions of Rasoolullah did not fully explain to us – then he has invented a lie against them, and that is enough for him that he has reviled them – so he is an innovator, misguided and misguiding, introducing into Islaam what does not belong to it.”

I (Al-Albaani) say : And may Allah have mercy upon Imaam Maalik who said : “The last part of this Ummah will not be corrected except by that which corrected its beginning, so that which was not part of the religion then – is not part of the religion today.”

And may Allah send blessing upon our Prophet who said : “I have not left any thing that will draw you nearer to Allah – except that I have enjoined it upon you. And I have not left anything that will take you away from Allah and draw you to the Fire except that I have forbidden it for you.”

And all praise is for Allaah by Whose blessing Good actions are completed.

  • Footnotes:

118. May Allaah return it and the rest of the Muslim land to them, and may Allah inspire them to work with the rulings of the religion.

119. See ‘Silsilat-ul-Ahaadeeth as-Saheehah’ (no.1620)

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